In November fans of the motorcycle, games received great news. The popular Ride game will have three views. It will be released on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox. Milestone, seeing the success of the first two parts, decided to follow the same track, improving the game and adding more entertainment. The latest part offers 30 manufacturers and their 230 motorcycles. In comparison to Ride 2, we will see 70 new motorcycles from both this and historical times. To win them you have to win more races. They will take place on one of the 30 tracks located all over the world. Beautiful graphics will make you enjoy beautiful scenery while driving.

The biggest change concerns the career mode, which is more developed and less schematic. The game collects only positive opinions. Players especially praise the graphics that look stunning on 4k monitors. The price of the game is $ 49. For now, the game is not spent on mobile devices, but it may change in the future.